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Why did my Custom Field Values not get copied from the test to the test run?

I created a field called Section. I then made sure that each test had a value in the section field. When I create a test set, I am finding that the section field is blank. I was hoping to be able to sort/group by this field & I do not want to reset it each time.

Hello Douglas and thank you for contacting us,

Can you please elaborate? Did you create the field “Section” for Tests and for Test Sets?
I believe the best way to handle it would be if you contact our Support Team directly, maybe they can have a short video session with you to see the issue and handle it instantly.


Alex: Yes, when I created the field, I made it available to everything. I thought I was contacting the support team. Is there another place I should look?

If you go to our site, just click on a chat icon on a right lower corner of the page - this will open a conversation with support and create a ticket.
Alternatively, you can email to

Overall, I can already tell you that even if you create Custom Field to all the modules in the Project, the value entered in one entity will not transfer to other entity, even if they’re related.
For example, you have a Test with “Section” field value “1”. If you create a Test Set with this Test as an Instance inside, the value of a field “Section” in the Test Set and Test Instance will not be “1” automatically.