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Upload results for the Test Case rather than Test Steps

Hello, I’m trying to integrate the Practitest api into our automation framework. Due to the Test Cases being written by the Manual Test teams, the test steps do not directly correlate to our script steps. I need to write something that fails, skips or passes each Test Case, but I will likely have several hundred Test Cases that need to be updated each time, due to the api call limits, I need to do a batch update. Is there any way to accomplish this?

So far I’ve got the logic sorted out to get the test ID’s, generate a test set with instances, but I’m not seeing a way to create/update multiple runs from one call, and I don’t see a way to update the status of the entire test case rather than each individual step.


You can update the entire test result by sending the ‘exit-code’ parameter, see it in the table here.

How many requests are you sending per minute now?

Thank you, so how would I create a number of runs with one call?

It can’t be done with one call and that’s why I asked you about number of calls you need to send per minute, as we can upgrade api_rate limit for your PractiTest account.

I believe that 300 calls per minute would be sufficient, should also prevent situations where different test suites might end at the same time. I currently don’t have my own security token, so I’m reaching out to my manager to see if she can get the Automation team one.


This calls’ number is big and I will need to consult with management regarding such increase. Will get back to you privately by email.