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Updating steps using API

In the online doc there is:
“Steps array includes steps json hash, with these attributes: name, description, expected-results. To update / view and delete steps, refer to steps resources (to be released)”.

In the ‘Steps’ section of the doc there is no mention about updating. My question is whether it is possible (somehow) to update some specific step and if not, is there any plan to add this functionality?


At this moment there is no way to update steps within a test only.

If you would like to update steps when creating a run, you can use ‘data/steps/data’ parameter.

Please let us know if your case is different from creating a run and we will check the possibility of adding PUT method to the Steps API.


Hi Christine, thanks for your quick reply.

Please correct me if I’m wrong but updating some step during creating a run only updates the step for one specific instance of test, is this correct? We do this when results are pushed to PractiTest from Jenkins.

But there is a use case when we want to update steps for some test without creating a run. A little bit about background… We have (will have) both automated and manual tests in PractiTest to everybody see what the test coverage is, what results are etc. Manual tests will be updated manually but automated tests are developed/maintained using Bitbucket and we would like to push updates (automatically) to PractiTest as soon as there are any updates/modifications in Bitbucket. This is why I think updating steps using API would be beneficial for us.

Hi Juraj,

Apologies for the delayed reply.

Thank you for the detailed explanation, your request is under review at the moment and we will keep you updated.

Thanks again!

Hi Christine

Is there any update on this?


Hello Rohith,
The addition of PUT request to Steps API is something that we indeed consider to add in the future, however we cannot provide an ETA of its implementation.
We will let you know as soon as we add this feature.

Best regards,