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Update test conception by excel import


We have a question about how to update a test conception by excel import with the following use case :

  • I import for the first time my tests by excel import and create them successfully,
  • Due to new needs, I want to update my tests in the excel file,
  • Then I want to reimport the excel file and want it to match with the test I previously created with the first import → it supposes I don’t update the test name to be able to match correctly

Actual results doing it in Practitest :
Practitest creates a second test with exactly the same name that the first one instead of matching with the first one and replacing the text which changed.

Do you still have any solutions for it ? Does it exist an “Extra Option” for only doing updates on a test if needed ?

Thank you in advance for you help.

Hello Thomas!

The closest thing we have for that is the “Find and Replace” functionality, which will allow you to edit a certain string anywhere in any text fields in PractiTest.
You can read more about it here, for example: Issues | PractiTest
(it’s about the Issues, but the principal is the same)