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Unable to get the custom field of test instance using API. The custom field is not empty, it has a value

We have a test set with test instances. One of them is marked as exploratory test. When I set a value for a custom field and trigger api to show this test instance - it does not return a custom field. Here is the part of response [“data”]: {

  • “id”: “*****”,
  • “type”: “instances”,
    • “name”: “Processings| GUI| Processing screen”,
    • “project-id”: ***,
    • “set-id”: ***,
    • “set-display-id”: 42,
    • “test-id”: ***,
    • “test-display-id”: 318,
    • “et-id”: ***,
      • “—f-34***”: “Chrome”},

We have a field for automated tests and it does not show its value.