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Text formatting of synced Jira Issues

When creating PractiTest items from Jira items there is a vast difference in the formatting. After using a sync in of a requirement things like numbered lists in Jira become h1 in PractiTest because of the use of the ‘#’.

Is there a way to have the Jira text layout converted to PractiTest text layout and format?
Items look really bad and are not editable in PractiTest because they are synced in.

Hello Kevin,
We’re aware of the Markdown syntax differences between Jira and PractiTest, and are working on ways to adjust our integration so it’ll be synchronized.
Once it’s done we will update this thread immediately.

Alex from PractiTest

This is to inform you (and everyone else) that the Markdown Syntax between Jira and PractiTest has finally been synchronized from both sides!
Now you can apply any rich text features from both PractiTest and Jira sides, and they will appear on the other side of the integration exactly in the same way!

Alex from PractiTest