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Simplify test steps?

Is there any way to simplify the steps for a test case? There is so much unbelievably wasted space. For simple steps in a use case and the expected results, all you need is plain text. Perhaps I’m missing something. But to have a Name field plus two large rich text boxes for the step and expected results seems like overkill. The text boxes do not appear to allow the user to resize nor get rid of the rich text controls. Your help section on the test library looks much nicer than what I’m seeing (at least during my test trial). In the help section the text boxes can be resized and there are no rich text controls. Why isn’t the actual product like this? Having 3 simple steps takes up the whole page. It would be nice to have a way to hide the Name field and have resizeable plain text fields.


Thanks for your question.

In general we don’t have option to hide step name as each step should at least include name and description and expected results are optional fields.

We shifted to Markdown within description and expected results fields due to the number of customers requested for that as in most cases users do need to have the RTF options within these fields.

Having said that, we highly appreciate your point of view and we will consider option to turn off the Markdown within these fields in the future.

Will keep you updated