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Search Bar Improvement

In my compagny, some projects have a huge number of tests in the test library (~1000).
In this context, search is highy useful to found what’s done already and how to avoid re-creating an alreadyexisting test.
But some of our tests are made of really long names (we can’t reduce that length) and for this, search bar is actually inefficient : by searching a part of this name, we are pretty sure not to find it. I already tried to search for tests i had below my eyes : not found by Practitest.
We tried with all the availables tips shown ( the *, the ", etc.) with no success.
This is reallya weakness of Practiest for me;
Do you experience limitations like this one ?

  • being able to sort results by choosing the order in the top line would be a real advantage.

I have also found the search function to be… not very helpful. I agree that it could use improvements. You might want to add this to suggestions forum General: Top (503 ideas) – Have an idea? Share it!

Hello Manny;
Thanks for your feedback ! Concerning the suggestion forum , this has been done 2 years ago already , unfortunaltely with no reply : Search bar improvement – Have an idea? Share it!

Hello Benoit,
The use of asterisk (*) should provide the correct results, as long as you’re using it from the right side of the word - currently our search has to include the first character of the word.

In case this option doesn’t provide the expected results, please contact our Support so they would investigate.

If there are any other search options that do not work as expected - please let us know!


In addition to what Alex said, in this case, I would’ve probably just created a filter in test library.
If I make a “name is something” condition, the filter will find it even if it’s in the middle of a name, it’s like “contains”.

You can also make it private, work with it and delete it afterwards.