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Retrieve order of test instances in a test set via API

I’m writing an application to programmatically retrieve the tests in a test set, but the order of the tests in the set is important. I can’t find an example in the API documentation of how to get the order of a test within a set. I assumed I could derive the order based on the display-id for an instance, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In the UI I am able to change the order and have it saved at the{{project_id}}/sets/{{set_id}}/sort_instances page, but I don’t see an equivalent endpoint in the API docs.

How would I get the order of tests in a test set with the API?

It doesn’t seem like this is possible with the API at the moment, so I’ve created a request in UserVoice: Get test instance order in a test set via the API

Hello Jen!
Indeed you’re correct, and this is indeed a feature request which hopefully will be upvoted by our many customers and will jump higher in the priority list of our Product Team!

Alex from PractiTest