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Report Sort Order


I am generating a Test Coverage report, and would like to be able to sort the tests by something other than the Test ID; currently, there is no option to change the sort order.

I would like to be able to change the order, as my colleagues and I were writing tests for different functional areas at the same time. When sorting by ID, the report jumps from one test area to another, in no apparent logical order; this makes it much harder to determine the total test coverage.


Hi Greg,

What type of report are you generating? Detailed or Tabular?

Hi Christine,

The report is Tabular, with Steps.


Once you generated a report, please download, open it and apply the filter option within the ‘Data’ sheet hence you will be able to sort the data according to any column you wish.

Please see how it looks in Google Sheets below:

The report were are generating has a lot of empty cells within the columns we wish to sort on, and therefore sorting the spread sheet in this way would completely mangle the data:

Hi Greg,

Sorry about that.

There are two ways to resolve this issue:

  1. To populate the values into relevant blank cells so that you will be able to sort the file properly according to any column you wish.
  2. Or to create two reports: one is that you already created and another one is tabular type of report that won’t include steps but will be easily organized.

Hope it helps