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Report for specific test run instance


I’m currently evaluating PractiTest for our testing needs. I like quite a lot the reporting possibilities.

That said, I struggle to find a way to generate a detailed report for a specific test run. One of our customers requires us to generate a document for each test run we do with information such as the testing environment, who has done the tests etc.

Each test step has to be listed for a test run on hand.

How can I achieve this?

Thanks for your help,

Test run or test instance? They have different reports for each.
There is a detailed pdf report for instances. Runs also have reports with all the steps, not that detailed but you can add any fields there.

Hi Monica,

thank you for your help. In fact, I’ve seen the different reports and I understand that this might be a quite specific request.

That said, I would like to be able to generate a report for a specific run in an instance or for a specific instance. As for now, I cannot select a specific instance. It’s an “all or nothing” selection.

It would be great to be able to select the instance I would like to generate a report for.

The instance has several runs. The generated report displays the result of the latest run plus a result table for all runs of the instance. This is great. But it would better to be more detailed in the filter.

When generating a report for runs, I can, again, not select a specific run. All runs are used in the report. It would be great to select a run and get a report like this (without the runs table at the end):

Is this currently achievable ? Perhaps I miss something…

Hello Stefan,

You can achieve this by creating a Run Tabular Report with Steps.

This Report can include all the relevant fields both from Runs and from Tests, Test Sets and Test Instances related to the Runs, which you can manage here:

Just drag the reelvant fields into the “Displayed” section.

Regarding the choice of a specific Run/s - you can achieve that by using the Filter system in the Report:
You can filter the Report by selecting Filters from Test Set, Run Status, and also by the values of the Custom Fields you created for the Runs:

The report will look approximately like this:

One thing that the current report misses, though, is the field of a Tester, who actually made the Run.
This is a field we still need to add to this filter. We’re working on it, and as soon as it’s implemented, we will let you know.
Meanwhile, you can use the field “Instance: Tester”, which will show you who made the LAST run in the Test Instance.

In addition, I’d recommend to set up the Demo session with one of our Customer Success Managers. They will gladly provide answers to any questions regarding the functionality of PractiTest, specific or general.

Hope my answer helps. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Alex from PractiTest.

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Hello Stefan!
Following my previous response - this is to inform you that the “Tester” field of the Run has also been added to the report.
Now you will see who actually made each run.