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Remove History section from Printed Tests

The Print test option is useful for us to send test cases for review to non-practitest users but it has a history section that serves no purpose and it’s right at the top. Could this section be either optional, removed or placed at the bottom. The most important part of the test are the steps, history is nice but only to review changes were made . I have tried export and don’t really feel that’s a good/usable option. thanks

Hi Greg,

Sorry for the late response.

Did you try to create tabular reports with steps or detailed reports where you have option to hide history in the generated report?


we don’t really like the tabular reports as much as the pdf versions.

I see. That’s why we are planning to release pdf versions to the new Reports soon.

Will keep you updated.

By the way did you try to create report in the old Reports Center that allows to uncheck ‘History’ and download reports in PDF format?

i just did, thanks. This is much better and what i was looking for. :slight_smile:

Perfect, Greg! :dizzy: