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Regarding Test Sets For New Builds


I have created a Filter say HD 3.0.0 Build 1 in Test Sets module .
In this filter added multiple test sets and instances were added to these test sets. Each test set has custom field say Version with value 3.0.
Once executing all test cases I want to create one more filter say HD 3.0.0 Build 2. After creating I see all the test sets with test results from above filter.

I tried using Create Permutations option in Test sets but this is again creating one more test.

How can I resolve this?

Is there a way that I can use existing test sets in different builds?

Hi! Sorry, what do you mean by adding test sets to the filter? Maybe you mean folder?

Filters have conditions, if test sets fit the condition, you see it there, if they don’t, you don’t.

Hello Irfan,

Indeed in order to differentiate Test Sets per different Builds you will need to create Filters with the Filter Criteria according to each Build. For example - assuming that you have two different Custom Fields - Build and version:

And, of course, the Filter “HD 3.0.0 Build 2” should be created accordingly.
In the first Filter, you will see all the Test Sets with Version number 3.0 and Build 1, and in the second one, all the Test Sets with Version number 3.0 and Build 2.

Regarding the second question - you can achieve this, for example, if you assign a custom field “Build” on a Test Instance or Run level. In this case, you can define the value of the field “Build” either in each Test Instance, or in each Run.
You can edit the value of the Custom Field by going to Settings->Fields->edit the custom Field “Build” and choose Run (for example) instead of Test Set:

I’d recommend to contact your Customer Success Manager before proceeding with this change, so you could check the optimal approach to your specific use case.

Please let me know if my response helped!

Alex from PractiTest