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Product Update: FireCracker 2.0 - with many new features

Hello PractiTesters!

As you know already, we have a tailor-made solution for integrating any CI/CD tools with PractiTest, which allows you to upload your results without the need to create any complicated process with our (still great) REST API - PractiTest FireCracker

Since the first release of FireCracker, we did our best to collect all your requests for its enhancement, and as a result, a new and VERY upgraded version of FireCracker was released this month!

So what did we add?

  • First of all, this version runs much faster. The algorithm has been optimized.
  • Actually, from now on YOU can decide how fast your FireCracker runs. You can set the rate limit of it within the range of your overall API limit - if, for example, you need some other processes to run faster.
  • We support Junits with any amount of Test Suites! The name of Test Set in PractiTest will depend on the name of the Test Suite in the XML (if you would like to)
  • Speaking of names: now you can decide which field the name of the Test will be taken from! You can configure it to be taken from Classname, or from Name, or from any other field!
  • And last but not least - you can decide whether a Test Case is going to be uploaded as a Test or as a Step!

We have also updated our FireCracker Configuration page

If you already have FireCracker up and running - I suggest to simply download the newest version and update your processes (or just enjoy the faster uploads) - from here: Releases · PractiTest/practitest-firecracker · GitHub