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Hello PractiTesters

This topic is dedicated to small tips that you might not thought of - but once you do know them, you can consider implementing them into your work with PractiTest.

I’m talking about features small enough so there are probably not mentioned in any article - yet it’s an important information that you all (probably) should be aware of.

I’ll start:

Question: How to import values from excel to multi list custom field? What should be the field separator or format in excel?

Answer: semicolon.
This is how you fill the field cell in the Import file/sheet:

And this is how it will appear in PractiTest:

Question: I have a custom field that is a checkbox. What do I put in my import spreadsheet to identify those values?

Answer: Yes

Literally, “yes” (without quotations) is the value you need to fill the relevant cell with:

If you want the box unchecked, leave the cell value empty.

OK, your turn.

Alex, I don’t have one, but I need to know something similar, if you can help me here it would be great.

I created a custom field “Due Date” for requirements and test sets, how do I insert a default value there?
Went to the setup of the field and tried different formats, none worked.

Hello Pascal!
Great question!
Actually, you need to write the Default Date exactly in a format “dd-mm-yyyy”, like this:

Please note, that this is a FIXED date. If you set a current date, it will save its value and won’t be a current date tomorrow