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Hi all,

It was great to see you at the PractiTest Labs automation session today.

As we mentioned, we are looking to make improvements to the way we work with automation in future so that you will all benefit. We really want to hear what your ideas are so we can try to include them in our roadmap.

Please join the discussion below and let’s make it happen.

Antony & Christine

Thank you for the session! I use PractiTest extensively for automation test management. I have a Python middle-layer between PractiTest and my automation lab that creates tests, creates test sets, determines what test sets to run, distributes instances to virtualized hardware, and communicates results to back to PractiTest. It would be great if some of this functionality were available natively.

The most critical task is handing out tests to distributed systems. With that in mind, I’d love to see functionality like this:

Given that a test set exists and has not-run instances, a virtualized appliance could hit an API endpoint asking for a test. PT would return an instance, the virtual appliance would run the steps, and the result would be uploaded to PT via the API.

I love PractiTest’s support organization. Keep up the GREAT work!

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi all,

In addition to the email that was sent with the workshop recording a few days ago, kindly find it below as well:

Enjoy! :tada: