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Practitest Integration with cypress docs

Hi team, Can you help me out in integration Practitest with cypress. Please help me out team. And provide if you have any docs to integrate. Thank you waiting for your response


Hello :slight_smile: looking for info on this too as we are moving away from TestProject and would like to integrate Cypress with PractiTest and use PT’s automation features.

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I wish someone would pay more attention to this thread - its been 11 days and still no one at all from PT decided to even acknowledge this

did you happen to get any kind of response at all from anyone? We are trying to find out the same

Hello everyone!
First of all, I’m very sorry for the lack of official PractiTest response from our side.

Regarding Cypress - you can create an automation flow between Cypress and PractiTest by using our Open API.
Here is the documentation of the mentioned API: Full API Documentation (Version 2) - PractiTest
Here is the article which recommends the best practice on how to use it: How to use Practitest API for integration Automation