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Passing TestSet ID to Xbot?


I’ve been writing an integration system to tie our BDD test framework into PractiTest - as we’re using a proprietary tool for testing, Squish, the workflow is a little complex:

  • We have a small set of Xbot tests in PractiTest for each group of tests we execute (on the Squish side, this is one “suite” for each application in our portfolio, so we also have one Xbot test to run the entire set of automated tests for each application)
  • Each Xbot tests runs a script on the test machine with a fixed command line parameter (the name of the application to test), which then runs Squish with command line parameters to run the relevant suite of tests
  • Once the Squish execution completes, the script then parses Squish’s JUnit test reports and pushes them back into PractiTest as new tests via the API (Squish’s Junit files are kind of messy, to the point where just uploading them as they are sadly doesn’t work)

Something that would make this process a lot easier for us would be if it were possible to pass dynamic parameters from each test run to Xbot, e.g. the ID of the parent TestSet of the Xbot test instance being run - at the moment, the script needs to get a list of all TestSets and then filter them by app version, platform and name to find the right TestSet to upload the results into.

Is it possible to pass dynamic parameters like this to Xbot? Step parameters don’t work for this purpose since Xbot tests don’t have any steps, and things like the test set ID aren’t very easy for testers to retrieve…