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Organising Project Testing After Closure

Hi All,

I am curious to hear how other testers/organisations have set up projects in PractiTest for when the product moves into BAU support.
We are nearing the end of UAT for our new ERP and HR system which will have O365 updates as part of evergreen tech and will need ongoing maintenance/regression testing as part of BAU support. We normally store test scripts in a Sharepoint folder where we can access it for future re-use but I’d like to hear ideas on how this can be managed via PractiTest and whether projects are being kept open or recreated as a support project?

All ideas welcome - just looking to gain some insight. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this.

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Hi, our company is into the implementation of Oracle ERP (FIN/HCM/SCM) solutions for our clients among other services. The methodology we follow is:

We store only the ID and names of test scripts on PractiTest. For detailed test steps, we refer to our detailed test Script Word document. We document run results for all tests during Sprint/SIT/UAT on PractiTest. (Manual Testing)

At end of UAT:
We export the list of test scripts that have been implemented in UAT (for a particular client) and hand them over to our Automation Testing team. We also hand over the detailed steps for each test script in the above list.

The Automation Testing team uses the above-mentioned test scripts and their detailed steps to create automated tests through our in-house developed test automation tool. These automated tests are run periodically by the Automation Testing team for ongoing version changes and/or Patch Testing at Oracle.
We document and track the automation testing results also on PractiTest and we create separate PractiTest Dashboards and Reports for each such testing process.
We keep all the data of Manual testing as well as Automation Testing in one place in a PractiTest project named after the client name.