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Not able to map Excel sheet columns of Test cases while importing into a TestSet

I have a Test set created in PractiTest. I am trying to import Test steps (excel sheet) to it. I have kept all the column names same as per PractiTest guidelines. But when importing Test steps, its giving only 1 row imported. When I checked there is nothing got imported.

Ques1: Do I need to keep Test id( column A) is unique?
Ques2: Do I need to map only Step name, step description, step expected results, step position?

Hello Sakshi,

  1. When importing Steps to a Test, Test ID is necessary field to have a value for each step to be imported. This is because you can use one import sheet to add steps to more than 1 test.
    When you use the feature “Import Steps to the Test” for the first time, you might see the number instead of a column letter:

    This is the ID of the Test. You can change it this way manually as well, and then you will not need a column of the Test IDs in your import file.
  2. Step name, step description, step expected results, step position - these are the only fields that Steps have. The only one of those fields which is mandatory to field is “Step name”.

If you received any error messages during the import, it means that the whole file wasn’t imported. You will need to fix the incorrectly written rows first, and then to try to import again.

In case the issue persists, please contact our Customer Support. They will probably ask you to send them the file , will investigate the issue and will resolve it.

Have a great weekend ahead!