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New Test Types - Automation

Hi all!

We released new test type options, which significantly improves the system’s support for test automation!

From now on, when creating a new Test, in addition to the Scripted and Exploratory options, you will see a new option for ‘Automated Test’.

Under ‘Automated Test’, you will see 4 different options.

API - a test that will receive results through the REST API from any automation tool or framework, regardless of its type or brand.
FireCracker - a unique tool to import the results of any SureFire based XML report (like n-unite or j unit) automatically!
xBot - an internal automation framework to schedule and execute automation tests.
Eggplant - trigger your Eggplant automation tests and receive the results in PractiTest.

These new test types will help to better facilitate your automation results, allowing you to easily manage your entire testing process in PractiTest.

We also added a new item to the Settings menu for ‘Automation’, from which you can activate and disable each one of the automation test types.

For more information about integrating your test automation visit this page.