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Need to find all the tests which are not being used in a current sprint

Hello again.

I need to find all the test cases which are not going to be used in a current sprint.
I was thinking about taking an instance report and comparing it to tests, but we have each test being used so many times. I don’t wanna sit and compare the reports with vlookup or something, I’m sure you guys have better solution!

Hello Pascal,

My assumption is, that the Tests you’re executing in the current Sprint are linked to the specific Test Sets with a certain value of a System (or Custom) Field “Sprint”.
If that’s the case, you can first create a new Filter in Test Sets:

Check the “Auto Filter” checkbox, and select “Sprint” in the “Select a Field” dropdown menu:

Now you have created an Auto Filter for each and every value of the field “Sprint” on the Test Sets level.
Now go to any Test Set and create a new Custom Field from there:

Choose the type “Checkbox” and assign it on Test Set:

After creating this Field, go back to Test Sets view and select the Auto Filter of all the Test Sets in the current sprint. Select all of the entities under this Filter and click on “Batch Edit”:

Check the “Current Sprint” checkbox field:

Now you have all your Test Sets under the current Sprint marked as such.
Let’s create an additional Filter in the Test Sets for this field:

Now go to Test Library and create a new Filter there:

Assign it as a Cross Filter to all the Tests which are NOT connected to the Test Sets under Current Sprint:

That’s it! This is a Filter which will show you all the Tests which are not being added to Test Sets of a current Sprint.
When you create a new Sprint, you should:

  1. Go to the Auto Filter of the Previous one;
  2. Batch Edit all the Test Sets there, removing the checkbox “Current Sprint” from them";
  3. Update the Test Sets in the new Sprint, accordingly.
    This way, the Filter in Tests will ALWAYS show you the right result.

Please let me know if my answer helped. Also, please let me know if you assign Tests for current sprint in any other way, so I’ll offer another solution.


Tried it and it works! Thank you!