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Multiple modules/features

Is there a way with either filters or something else to link a test case to multiple features/modules?
For an example, let’s say there’s an upload module that is used in multiple pages. However, the input parameters for the upload module depend on a page it was invoked from.
Let’s also say, we can have “User submissions”, “Customer Service Submissions” forms in different pages and I’d like one test case to belong to both pages, but I don’t want to clone or copy the same test case.
Can this be accomplished with Practitest?


Apologies for the delayed reply.

Regarding the input parameters you have mentioned - we have a great feature called ‘Step Parameters’ which allows you to configure parameters for every test step, find more helpful information about this feature [here]
(The Step Parameters Feature - PractiTest)

Regarding assigning tests to different products (pages) - you need to create a custom field of type ‘multilist’ with values “User submissions”, “Customer Service Submissions”, hence you will be able to select multiple values for your test. Please see more info here

Hope this helps :slight_smile: