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Matching Jira and PractiTest Issue Status

We just established two-way integration our Jira server.

I’m having a problem with the Issues filtering.

I want to create an Issues filter that shows the open Jira tickets.

  1. I go to “Settings”
  2. then “Filters”
  3. then click on “Create a New Filter”
  4. Go to “filter critera”
  5. Create a filter for “Status is”

But the only choices I’m given are PractiTest’s statuses:

  • assigned
  • closed
  • fixed
  • new
  • opened
  • rejected

However, our Jira proejct uses differently named statuses.

So I go to “Settings” then to “Fields” and I look at “Status” for “Issue” and it tells me “Entity type: Issue - This screen is disabled since you are using the JIRA Server integration”

Is there anything I can do so that I can create a filter that shows me my Jira tickets by the Jira status?

Hi Robert,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

That’s correct that you are supposed to see JIRA statuses as well and our development team are checking the issue at the moment.

Will make sure to update you once get a reply from them.


Hi Robert,

The issue has been resolved. Thus you can see JIRA statuses as well.


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That was super fast!

Thank you.