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Major Product Update: Now you can connect your account with as many 2-way integrations as you like

Hello PractiTesters,

This update is really important, and I believe is also quite unique for QA management tools overall:
From now on, you can create more than just one 2-way integration on your Account!
If you go to Account Setttings->Integrations, you can see that the “Create a new 2-way integration” button doesn’t disappear anymore once you establish one integration - it’s still there!

You can add a new integration with the same Bug Tracker but other instance - for example, two different Jira Servers, or different bug trackers.

Now when it’s time to connect the integration on a Project level, you will be shown which 2-way integrations exist on Account level, and will allow you to choose each of them:

Enjoy the new feature and new opportunities that it opens!