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Linked Requirements and Linked Tests

Links between requirements and tests can be found in ‘Traceability’ tabs for both requirements and tests. But is there a way to get such information using API? Neither ‘GET /tests/:id.json’ nor ‘GET /requirements/:id.json’ responses contain such information.

I can imagine this be useful in POST and PUT when I want to create/update some test and add info about requirement the test covers.



Sorry for the late response. I do not think we can provide such kind of information via the current version of API, but I will check what can be done in this case and will update you soon.


We will add traceability information to the new version of API, thanks for your feedback.

Thanks Christine. When do you expect the new version to be available?

Hi Tomas,

We are planning to push beta version of API 2 with partial number of new functions. Regarding traceability we will add this option to the API2 in the near future.

traceability does not yet appear to be part of API v2. Has this been added and if so can you document this in the API documentation? It appears I can retrieve the tracebility JSON via a report on issues but that is not present via the API. Thanks.


Thanks for your patience.

At the moment we have the ability to link tests when creating requirements by using the ‘data/traceability/test-ids’ parameter.

Would you like to see traceability information in GET requests? Or would you like to use traceability in other request types as well?

Hi. Thanks for the follow-up. I would like to see the traceability in GET requests. Specifically, when I get issues I would like to see to what test cases they are linked. When doing an issues report I have the option of including “Traceability (JSON)”. That is the exact information I am looking for except I would like it via the API, preferably as another field when I GET issues.


Thanks for this clarification!

Will make sure to inform you when we have this implemented to our API.

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