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Link Existing Issue & Link to Step

Hello PractiTesters,

I would like to get additional information about the “Link Existing Issue & Link to Step”. What I am trying to do is to FAIL a given step(s), and consolidate all the failures in one single ticket using the “FAIL & ISSUE”, so only one ticket is created in JIRA. This is what I have done: 1) Fail the one step 2) use the FAIL & ISSUE feature 3) Capture the JIRA ID of the new ticket (BUG) 4) Move on to the next steps and fail a couple more, but this time I want to link any new failed steps to the ticket that I opened in step “3”. I have also tried the other way around, where I run all the steps, and at the end I create the new bug ticket and then I link all the failures in the run. Either way, the function is not working or I do not understand it, but all the failures that I linked to the new ticket and to the specific step are not where to be found, or if they are, the “link to step” bit doesn’t seem to work because I get the same info as the BUG ticket. Also, this seems not to update in JIRA either. Any help will be appreciated!

Hello Ruben,
First of all, please accept my sincere apologies for such a delay in my response - I can assure you, we usually respond much faster in this forum.
Regarding to your inquiry: Please see the screenshot of a Run, where I create a new Issue in Step 1 and then link it to Steps 2 and 3:

If we go to the Traceability section of an Issue, we can see the links that show that the bug is linked to each of these steps:

In Jira, in the Linked Test Results: Runs section, you will also see three links:

Please note, that in these case, all the links lead to the same Run screen, but from there you can see which Steps the issue is linked to, according to the Step Name.

Please let me know if this what you were looking for.
I know that you have also spoken with the Customer Support Team, so you can contact us here or via the ticket as well. Also I’ll let your Customer Success Representative know about your inquiry.

Best regards,