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Jira domain change

Our Jira cloud domain is going to change its name in the URL next week.
Will the integration with Practitest remain in effect? If not, is there anything I should do?

(I’m an admin in both Jira and Practitest, if it’s relevant)

Hello Monica,

Thank you for letting us know.
First of all, the integration between PractiTest and Jira Cloud indeed needs to be updated from the moment there is a change in the Jira domain name.
First of all, in Jira, please uninstall the PractiTest app:

Then remove the old integration page from Account Settings in PractiTest:

Once done, please proceed with the usual Step-by-step Jira Cloud integration configuration, as described in the following link: JIRA Cloud Two-Way Integration - PractiTest

After you re-established an integration with Jira Cloud, please contact the Support team, so they will update the synchronization of already integrated Issues and Requirements in your Jira integrated Projects.
Important note: In case there was a migration from one Jira Cloud domain to another, please verify first:

  1. Whether previously integrated Issues in Jira have migrated as well
  2. Whether the Jira Project keys and System keys of the Issues in the mentioned Jira Projects stayed the same.
    Provide this information to the Support Team and they will guide you accordingly.

Best regards,
Alex, Head of Customer Support