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Integration with TFS

Seems PractiTest integration doesn’t include TFS, is it possible to add it through Custom?and any help document?


We got your question about integrating PT and TFS and I wanted to send you here how to set this up using our custom integration type as follows:

  • Go to Settings > Project Settings and there click on the link to set up your Issue Integration.

  • Choose the Custom integration type and enter the information for your TFS server like this (replacing the your-server with your specific URL:

Custom View URL: h ttp://your-server/DefaultCollection//_workitems/edit/%id%Custom
Add URL: h ttp://your-server/DefaultCollection//_workItems#_a=new&witd=Bug

Once you do this, the way this will work is:

  1. When you are running a test, and you press the “fail & issue” link we will open a new tab with TFS and let you report the bug there.

  2. Once the new bug is created in TFS you can enter the ID of it in the run and we will create a link that will automatically take you to it from the run and from the test (in the Library).

  3. This ID with the link will also be available on the traceability of the test and in the reports you generate within PractiTest.

Which TFS release is expected to work with PT?
TFS 2013 will work ?

Hi Alex,

In general it may work, but to make it sure, we can arrange a short session and configure the integration together.

Please email me at with your available time-slots next week.