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Information available in Instance and Run views

Is there a way to customize information displayed for tests in Instances and Runs? To be specific I would like to see tests’ Description field by default. Right now in Instances I can see couple of my custom fields (is there a way to say which to display and which not to?). I know I can see fields by hovering ‘Test in Test Library’ but it is not what I want.

For several projects we use Gherkin syntax for tests (automated/manual) and in PT we want to use the Description field to contain the whole test (Description field supports rich formatting which helps a lot). We do not want to use steps for our tests. An example of test:
Name: test_1
Scenario: Some determinable business situation
Given some precondition
When some action by the actor
Then some testable outcome is achieved

Thanks for your answer.

Hi Tomas,

You can choose what fields should be displayed on Instances grid (see a screenshot below):

Please note that test’s Description field can not be chosen as displayed on Instances grid, but you can add the whole test with Gherkin syntax to a step’s description, hence when you enter the instance, you will see the whole test there.

Thanks Christine,
Adding Gherkin syntax into step’s description is possible but since step’s description field does not support rich formatting (is this true?) the result is not very user friendly (e.g. test with more rows…).


Yes, currently rich formatting is available only in a test’s description, but we are considering option to add it to other fields as well.