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Include a URL link in a Test Case (or step in a Test Case) to a repository of documentation files like Confluence?

We have a set of Confluence pages which are the documentation for files of differing types which are created during the use of our software. We need to be able to add a link (URL to specific individual pages) contained in our repository so that when the documents are changed with subsequent updates that affect our testing, the documents are kept current as they impact our tests.

Is there a way to add a link to our Confluence pages in a Test Case (or a specific step in a Test Case) similar to adding a file to a step in PractiTest?

We do not want to have to copy a document which reflects the Confluence pages each time the Confluence pages are updated…We have enough issue with getting the Confluence pages and their documentation updated…

Hello Steve,
There are two options available for you:

  1. For Tests in Test Library, you can create a new URL custom field:
    Go to Settings->Fields->Create a new Cusfom field

    Assign it as follows:

  2. You can add the URL in any Field in Tests or Test Steps which support Markdown - Description (in Tests and Steps), Expected Results (just in Steps) - as follows:
    You can read more about the Markdown options that we have in such fields here: PractiTest Markdown Options and Explanation - PractiTest

Please let me know if this resolved the issue