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Importing tests with 'Call to Test' steps

So I have my Excel set up and am successfully importing. Now I want to add steps to the source table that implement ‘Call to Test’ actions. How do we go about defining those?

I know that when you add a ‘Call to Test’ step manually in the editor, the step contains a URL leading to the called test. I am told that I need to insert that same URL to the called test into the Step Description column of the spreadsheet. But when I do just that, after the import all I have is a step that contains the inert value of the URL (i.e. it is not an active link, like what you get when you add a ‘Call…’ in the test editor).

Any help appreciated.



Unfortunately, right now we don’t have the option to use Call to Test during import.
Alternatively, I can recommend about two other possible solutions:

  • Import your test as usual(steps to produce can be found here), then go to this test in Test Library, click on ‘Steps’ tab and use the Call steps from another test option.

  • Use our Reports module to create a Tabular with Steps Report for Test entity(you can use Filters in order to filter out irrelevant tests), then copy the steps to the excel file before importing.

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