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I tried using the Call to Test feature

I tried using the Call to Test feature but what I wasn’t sure about was when I do the call to test, when it brings that test over its really a link to that test, what if I only want one step within that whole carried over test case? I’m afraid if I delete all the steps I don’t need within that test case that will update that test case to only be one step however I might want the other test steps for a later use on a different test case.

Starting from the last question, if this is the case then you may simply want to clone the test and delete all the steps you don’t need. Or to create a new test with the steps you want to reuse and then edit the original test to call them and so you will be able to reuse them when needed.

The Call to Test feature is very simple, when you define the test you add the link; but when you start running the test instance we bring the steps and create a new test run that includes all the steps as a formal test run.

Having said all this, if this is only for ONE step, and you think that you will want to share it only between TWO tests (or a small number) you may want simply to recreate the step from one test to the next.