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How is the final result for a series of instances for a single test case in a test run computed?

I have run into a situation where, we have three testers, and in some cases, the instances for specific test cases in a test run have differing results as expected. If a LOGICAL AND is being used to calculate whether the test passed or failed, why do I have some tests which have results of PASSED when the results for the three attempts are PASSED, FAILED and FAILED? I also have one which has PASSED, FAILED and PASSED which is also returned as PASSED…

We have all other tests which have been run so far, using the three testers, which the results are correct (provided a LOGICAL AND is being used).

Anyone have an idea? This is throwing our completion numbers off…

Hi there. Do your testers work in the same test instance? maybe that’s why, only the last run of the instance changes the status of the test. so if the last tester passed, instance will pass.

If we want to compare results of different team members on the same tests, we usually create the whole test set for each. Other teams add the have instances of the same test in the set, and assign each on different tester.