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How do you spell check tests?

It is very easy for testers to make typos while they are zipping through test case creation. Is there a way to spell check within PractiTest?


Kindly note that by default Markdown fields (test description, steps) don’t have a spell checker but we enable it at user request and it will be enabled for your user shortly.

The spell checker has been enabled. The only limitation is that it doesn’t provide suggestions.

Thanks so much, Christine! I’d like to have everyone on my team have this option enabled. Do I need to provide you with their user account? Or as the account owner, if I have it, does everyone else have it as well?


Thanks for your prompt reply.

We will enable the spell checker for the rest of the users shortly.


Kindly note that we have enabled the spell checker for all the users.

Have a nice day!

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