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How do you delete an attached file from a step inside a Test?

I had attached a file to a specific step inside a Test. After it was attached, I noticed that the name of the file had a typo in it. I had pulled it from another location and must have originally overlooked the typo. I would like to delete the misnamed file as I now have the file with the corrected name also attached to the step and do not need both.

Hello Steve,
There is a small trash can icon on the right side of the frame of each attached file, in Test Steps included.
Maybe your file is a picture? In this case, you might need to scroll right to see the icon:

Please let us know if you found the icon and have been able to delete the incorrectly named file.

Best regards,
Alex from PractiTest

Alex…Thanks, working on a smaller screen…did not have it scrolled over enough to see the additional icons, one of which is the trash can. Got it fixed…