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Hardware types applicable to run the test on


New to Practitest today so learning my way around…

Just creating our first set of tests, we are organising these by feature/function in the test library

The software will be run on all hardware types (4 in total) but some hardware models do not have full capability that others do.
Example : a video feed from an internal webcam is displayed on the main screen. This webcam feature is available on 3 of the 4 hardware variations. When we execute a test set, how would the tester know which models of the 4 it is applicable to run on?
We tried to set models in the SubComponent 3 field but it doesnt present this info to the user on test execution?

Thanks, Neill

Hello Neill!
If this is just a field from a test then you have a link to the test itself in every run. Don’t click on it, just hover and you’ll see the whole data of test and its field.
Also you can use a preconditions field in the test and then its value appears in the beginning of the run - we use preconditions a lot.

Is a field on a test or test set level? or instance? If it’s on instance level, you can also try step parameters.

All the best,