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Filters are not applied when a test is cloned from other projects


I think I found a bug when cloning test cases to a different project.
So here is may scenario:

My Test cases in to different project have the same custom fields. One of the fields is a checkbox called " in smoke". In the test library of both projects I have filter using this checkbox, so that I can see all the tests with “in smoke” checked.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In “project 1”, in the test library, I select one test an click on the option “clone tests”
  2. it opens the interface to clone the tests. I check the option “Clone Tests to a different Project” and choose “project 2” and uncheck the option “Create a New View that will contain all the cloned Tests:”

The test is cloned correctly and the custom field “in smoke” is checked, but when I go to the “in smoke” filter in the test library, the test is not there.

Then I go back to the cloned test details, uncheck the “in smoke” field, save it, check it again and save it. Now if I select the “in smoke” filter I can see the test case there.

Hi Tiago,

Thank you for reporting this.

We have reproduced your scenario and detected the issue you described. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have transferred this issue to our Development team and we will update you once get their answer.

Hi Tiago,

Please note that the issue you have reported was fixed and deployed and from now on you shouldn’t experience this issue again.

Kindly let us know if you need our help in revising the filters that were already created where there was this issue.