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Filtering by display-ids is not working

I’m trying to get requirements using display-ids filter and it seems that it’s not working, here’s my result with the filter applied:

and here’s the proof I’ve got exactly this value in the data when a filter is not applied (new users can’t put 2 images in the post)

What can be wrong here?

Hello Dmitry,

Filtering by Display IDs is not working only when the entities (Requirements or Issues) are integrated from bug tracker, like Jira Cloud in your case.
If you apply Filter by Display IDs of requirements that were opened in PractiTest, with numerical Display ID, you will get results.

We’re working on resolving this issue and will update you and your team as soon as it’s fixed.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Meanwhile, you can use the GET request which shows the specific Requirement.
Please note, that this request requires a System ID of a Requirement, not a Display ID.

Thanks for the response, Alex. Is there a workaround? Filter by external ID or something that can allow us to get objects related to the specific JIRA?

Hello again, Dmitry.
The closest workaround currently would be - using the parameter name_exact as a filter instead of an External ID.
We understand that the exact name of the entity from Jira will not necessarily be unique, but in most cases it is.

Again, this is something temporary, as in the future External IDs will also be available in the Display IDs parameter.