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External dashboard and embedded graphs

By now you have probably tried out many of the features the PractiTest solution offers, and are pleased with the results.

So last but not least we have a couple more features that you should try and consider that will help you test faster and stay on top of you project’s progression.

1 External Dashboard

One of the biggest challenges for every test team is how to share the outcome of your testing with the rest of your organization. PractiTest’s External Dashboard (i.e Kitchen Monitor) does just that!

Easily share any of your Dashboard Tabs with anybody in the organization, whether they use PractiTest or not.

2 Embedded Graphs

Embed PractiTest dashboards in any company Wiki page including: Confluence (Jira’s Wiki) , Sharepoint ,etc.

In the main dashboard tab choose customize dashboard option, then select edit and then the embed option appears

Gain better visibility of your testing status

Enhance your control and productivity