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Excel cells - word wrap and autosize row height

In the test reports, either in the detailed or tabular with steps or the detailed reports, when the step name, description or expected results are too long the are displayed as a truncated string in the worksheet. The cell contains the full string, but the cell formatting prevents the full value from being displayed.

In order to display the full cell value you have to do two things:

  1. Format the cell with word wrap
  2. Set the row height to autosized

While this is not a significant hassle for a few tests, for a large number of them this is laborious when you need to include the output in a word document or some other format.

Is there a way to do this up front so PractiTest formats the cells this way?


Hi Sean,

At the moment this is not possible. However, you can add this suggestion on our user feedback forum - Uservoice. The more upvotes this request will receive from other users, the higher it will climb on the priority list for our Product Team to implement.

Best Regards,