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Customize run status values

Hi all, I need to insert a new value for the execution of test: the value I would add is ‘Passed with defect’, that mean the test is passed (main functionality is working) even if there is a minor defect (e.g. a minor graphic error) .
Is there a way to add values to the ones provided for the run status (PASSED, FAILED, NOT COMPLETED, NO RUN, BLOCKED, N/A)?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Giampiero,

Runs Status values are not editable in PractiTest and we currently do not allow to add new custom values to the Run Status system field.
What you can do, is pass the runs’ steps, and link the minor defect to one of the steps using the ‘Link existing issue’ option. Then, the test will be presented as ‘passed’, even though an issue is linked to it. Another option is using the ‘fail & issue’ option, and pass the step after the new issue is linked.

I hope that helps, Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Best Regards,