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Custom Fields Per Instance Run

Short version:
Is there a way to add a custom field for instance runs?

Longer version:
Our project’s versions change almost every run, and we want to be able to know what version had its run fail first, or start passing, etc…
Right now, there’s the ability to add a custom field for an instance, but that is not comfortable. At most we can manipulate it to keep the latest build version this instance used, but not a history of those.
I know it is possible to workaround it by adding information to the instance run, but that’s not comfortable.
Is it possible, planned, rejected?
I am talking about this list under an instance.


In general we recommend to add the same instances to a Test Set and set Version there, but if you need a custom field on RUN we can recommend the following:

  1. You need to add the custom field to RUN entity by going to Settings - Fields - Custom Fields Display Order Customization (at the bottom of Fields screen) - press Run - add the relevant field.

  2. Then use this request with parameter ‘data/attributes/custom-fields’ where you can specify values per RUN.

Best regards,

So there is no way to have it appear in the run list I’ve posted before?
Is it possible to have the parameter from the run instance (the ones you’ve showed me how to set) on the testset instance list (in the screenshot below)

Thank you very much for your fast and informative reply!

Yes, that’s correct that there is no way to include custom fields of RUN to the runs list you sent before and Test Set instances list.

It’s by design as we do not fully support custom fields for RUN since we believe that adding the same instances to Test Sets and running them on different versions will give more value and allow to create useful metrics as ‘Tabular Aggregated reports’.

I understand. Thank you for your time.

You are welcome :slight_smile: