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Custom fields in JIRA integration

Is there a way to add custom fields into JIRA tickets created via PractiTest? We have our build numbers listed in a custom field for each test set and it would be nice to automatically populate these into our JIRA tickets.

Hello Manny,
Currently there is no option to update generated Jira Ticket with values of the Test Set fields.

As an alternative, there is an option to differentiate the equivalents of these issues in PractiTest by the build numbers of Test Sets they were found in. You can do it with the Cross Filters help.
I’d suggest you to contact us via our Chat window and we can elaborate in regards

Thanks Alex,

I know about the cross filters but being able to customize the JIRA’s created with the Fail and Issue button would save a lot of time. Just a suggestion.

Indeed and we appreciate the feedback, We’re always looking for possible enhancements.

I’d suggest to update our feedback forum, where the ideas with most upvotes get the highest priority of implementation.