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Created Stories in Pivotal Tracker linked to Issues in PractiTest via API

I’m creating multiple test cases, Instances and Runs with result in PractiTest using API. When I get a failed run result… I need to be able to raise defect that is linked to Pivotal Tracker.

I’m already able to create the Story in Pivotal Tracker using its own API, but unable to link it to the created issue in PractiTest.

Can anyone help please on this?

Any update or recommendation please to achieve this using the API alone?

Hello Mark!
Currently we do not support a creation of an external issue via the API, whether it’s Pivotal Tracker or any other bug tracker we have a built-in integration with.
Our Product Team will need to consider and cover all the possible methodological implications of this feature, before we add it to our roadmap.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,
Alex Gruzglin,
Head of Customer Support.