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Cannot link jira tickets anymore

Hi here,

For now a couple of days, I have the following issue when I try to link an existing Jira issue to a step:
“Can’t create request - jira user account is not configured”

It works for some and for (most of them) not. It’s the same for my colleague and we didn’t change anything in our config.
We use Jira Cloud and jira recently updated to a new version. Might be linked…

Thanks beforehand for your answer.

Hi David,

Thanks for your patience.

Can you please press ‘Fail & Issue’ within a step when running a test case and let us know what you see?

Thank you,


Yesterday it couldn’t connect to Jira Cloud when I tried this link “Fail & Issue”.
I retried now and it successfully connected. I can now link all my tickets.

Thanks for the quick reply.