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Can we get a more detailed history of changes made to test cases?

We were looking through our recently updated test cases and the history tab is very vague about the changes that were made. The log just says that certain steps were updated but does not show us what was updated in those steps. A TMS I used at my previous company (QA Complete) had the changes listed with what each step had previous to the change and what it was changed to. This will come in handy if we ever get audited and need to provide a list of changes that were made from iteration to iteration.


Apologies for the delayed reply.

That’s correct that at this time we show a name of the modified step only and don’t go down to the low level.

Thanks for posting this as a feature request. It will help us understand how many customers are looking for the same feature enhancement and assign correct priority to it.


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Hi, this feature would be really beneficial to us since we need to keep up to date with traceability and changes made in our test cases due to FDA regulations. The current system is pretty useless to us since it doesn’t really tell us anything, given that we can have multiple steps in a test case with the same title. Do you have an ETA on when this feature may be developed?

Hello Manny!
We have added your feature request to our Roadmap, and this enhancement is going to be implemented by our Development team.
Additional enhancement , that is going to be added - is to show the whole history log , and not the first 255 characters.

I cannot currently provide you an ETA, however you will be updated, both personally and via this thread, when the mentioned features are on production.

Hope it helps!


Thank you Alex.

We have enhanced our Test Steps history - and now the history log shows the exact change in the Step related fields, including the original content and the new one!