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Can we execute NA test cases again in Cycle 1 wheareas we are in running Cycle 2 in HP ALM

NA test cases can be executed in Cycle 1 or not wheareas we are running Cycle 2

Hello Navneet,
This question is related more to methodology your colleagues use when working with PractiTest.
In order to apply it in the best way, I’d recommend to contact your management.

If you don’t know who exactly you should contact - please send us a request in a chat window on site, and we will provide you the email address of the Point of Contact.

Best regards,

Hello Alex ,Good Evening,
Thanks for your valuable suggestions but before reaching to manager,I just wanted to understand if we can execute NA test cases again in Cycle 1 or not if we running Cycle real scenario ,is it possible or not?

Second Question ,if we are running NA test cases then we should first bring to “No Run” then we should execute or we can execute runner upon NA test cases without bringing to “No Run”.

Hello Navneet,

Overall, Test under the Run Status “N/A” can be executed again under any circumstances in PractiTest.
Also, it does not have any limitation in regards of which Run Status comes first - you can execute the Test once and have the Run Status “No Run”, then you can execute again and put Status “N/A” and vice versa. There is no limitation here.
For more information, I’d recommend to read the following articles about executing Tests in PractiTest:

However, please note that questions like these refer more to best practices rather than technical possibilities.
This is why I recommend to consult with the management first, to understand which methodology they apply while using PractiTest.