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Can I Import or Clone existing Test Sets to a new project?

Is it possible to clone or import an entire test set from one project to another?

Hi Jason, not sure Practitest have it , but how do you expect it to work? Don’t you have completely different test cases in a new project?

The hope was that there would be a function that would imports the test as the same time. I know you can import tests and create test sets from the import as long as there are no mandatory field on the Test Sets. This may work for our situation.

Hello Jason,

The workaround that you have found will indeed allow you to create Test Set for each group of Tests that you export from one project/import to another.

Allow me please to suggest another solution, which will require less actions and no need to use an excel file:
In Test Library, select all the Tests you need to copy to the new Project and create a Test Set, and click on “Clone Tests”:

Check the option “Clone Tests to a different Project”, choose the Project, and choose the name of the Filter which will be automatically created in a new project and will contain all the cloned Tests:

Make sure the new project has no Mandatory Fields in Tests (not Test Sets).

When the cloning is done, go to the new project and select the newly created Filter in a Test Library. Select all the Tests in it and click on “Create Test Set”:

From there, simply create a new Test Set with the mentioned Tests.

Please let me know if this solution helps.

Alex from PractiTest

Thanks Alex, this is helpful