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Can I clone a complete project?

Hi, is it possible to clone a complete project with everything in it: Requirements, Tests, Testruns, and filters.
I’m doing a test pilot of practitest and have already invested quite a bit of time creating custom fields, importing our 680 existing tests, linking them to requirements, creating Testset templates and creating filters for Requirements, Test library and Testsets & runs.

I would like to make a safety copy of it all before I let my colleagues have a go at it (and maybe screw things up).

I have seen that I can clone a project partly, but filters Requirements, test cases and testsetss are not cloned.
I can export and import Test cases and requirements, but the ID’s change so any link between requirement and test case needs to be restored by hand.
Test sets need also to be recreated by hand.

Hello Jacob,
Indeed this is possible. Not for the user himself, but you can contact our Customer Support any time, provide them the info about the project itself and the exact entities you need to clone.